A Pinterest Newbie

Another time-sucker?

Another time-sucker?

I have been avoiding joining Pinterest for some time now.  I see all of these great recipes people post through Facebook, all the cutesy sayings, lovely crafts and loads of other stuff – but I just couldn’t make myself join one more social media “thing”.  I didn’t want to have to monitor, read, comment upon or add content to something else.   It should be noted that I am a late-comer to Facebook for the very same reasons!  I tried to tell myself that blogging was different – but it isn’t – I just enjoy it more because I like to read substantial things – not just what a person is eating for dinner, having to drink – or looking at pictures of what people are eating and having to drink.

So – the question becomes – what was the first thing I “pinned” after I registered for Pinterest? Did I browse through the millions of items at my fingertips and find just the right cute thing to pin on my board?  Did I re-pin something wonderfully edible or delightfully cute from something someone posted on Facebook?

Nope – I didn’t do either of those things.  Instead I decided to shamelessly promote my own blog and pin it on my board!  I wish I could say that I felt silly for doing it – but then I realized that all of those people who had put things on Pinterest were self-promoting their ideas also!  So what if mine isn’t a pie, a dress or an artsy-fartsy thing that I can’t identify!  It’s mine – I created it – and I’m sharing.

Now – I need some help for what else to pin to my board, so I don’t look like a TOTAL self-centered dork with only ONE thing on my board!  What the heck have I gotten myself into???

PS – by the way – I’ve added a Pinterest share on my posts now – that way I don’t have to promote my own posts – I’ll let you do it when you want to also!


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