What the Heck Did She Do in Her Past?

Better than being locked in a room?

Better than being locked in a room?

Today’s DP Challenge was to write about a choice — if you were kidnapped, would you want to be dropped on a deserted island, let go in a forest or locked in an empty building.

I giggled when I read this challenge.  I didn’t giggle at the thought of writing a wonderful James BondHunger GamesThe Most Dangerous Game type of story – but rather I giggled because I have a crazy mother-in-law.

We are in the habit of taking what I like to call “drive, dream and drool” excursions around town.  On a nice day, we will take a drive through neighborhoods with beautiful, large houses, manicured lawns and obviously rich inhabitants – dream about what it would be like to live there and then drool over the luxury of it all.

Every time, without fail, my 85-year-old mother-in-law makes a comment that there is probably someone chained in the basement of those lovely houses and being tortured!  She reminds us that those big houses have lots of hiding places for such depravity, so she wouldn’t be surprised by this at all.

After laughing at this comment (every time) – she goes on to tell us that her greatest fear is to be locked in a room and tortured.

We have asked her WHY anyone would want to lock her in a room and torture her — was she a spy in her past life, has she committed some atrocity or has just generally ticked someone off?  She vehemently denies any of these things but insists that this is something she worries about all of the time.

She does tend to worry about things that will never happen — but to make this comment so many times and every time we go by a big house, makes me wonder about my mild-mannered mother-in-law.  After all – all of the spy novels talk about the person who blends in – so maybe, just maybe she does have something to worry about!


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