If it's free - it's mine!

If it’s free – it’s mine!

Purses are a very personal thing for most women.  Not just the kind of purse we each carry, but also how many purses we own.  I would never try to buy a purse for another person — not even my own daughters because I’m sure that what I like will never be what they like.  Picking out a purse for someone else is like trying to select a dress for someone without knowing their size or favorite color.  Plus — since I can’t ever decide on a “perfect” purse for myself, what makes me think I can do it for someone else?

There is also the issue of price.  Some women have no trouble spending $300 on  a purse – and we even see celebrities who will spend in the thousands for a purse.  However, when I think about what ends up in the bottom of my purse (used tissues, candy that has escaped its packages, odd pieces of paper from God-knows-where and in the days of babies there were lots of other gross things at the bottom of my purse we won’t mention here) – I just can’t make myself spend more than about $50 for a purse.  Who am I kidding?  I don’t like spending more than $25 on a purse!  It just seems plain silly.  Of course, I have to remember I didn’t really carry a purse until I was in my twenties – pockets worked just fine for me!

Recently I walked through some purse stores at an outlet mall — Coach, Michael Kors and Kate Spade.  I’ve decided that I am alone in my aversion to spending HUGE sums of money on purses or even owning more than one at a time.  The stores were packed and there were people actually buying a purse which has large C’s all over just for the pleasure of being able to say they owned that brand – and a lot of these people already had a perfectly good purse hanging on their arm at the time!  I just stood in a corner, eyes wide with wonderment and then almost fainted when the “sales rack” only had purses which sold for $150!  Talk about being in the wrong store!

I also only own one purse at a time.  I don’t change with the season, with my coat, with my shoes or based on my whim at the time.  I use my purse until it wears out.  I don’t pick a purse that will go with everything — because most of the time it is tucked away in a drawer at work or sitting under a table at a restaurant  – which again, if I’m spending over $300 on purse seems stupid!  I wouldn’t lay my fur coat on the floor (if I owned one) or even walk barefoot there — but I have no problem letting my expensive purse sit on a floor which has probably had all kinds of gross stuff spilled on it!

I am only particular about a couple things for my choice of purse.  One of them is the price as we have discussed and the other is that it must be bright-colored.  I want red or deep blue or even purple!  None of this stupid brown or black stuff – and I definitely don’t want to be paying someone to advertise their brand all over my purse.  I like unique things – as evidenced by my love of my husband!  The only brown purse I really loved was a hand-tooled leather purse which was the perfect price — FREE!

My perfect purse?  Well that is easy.  It would be shiny (preferably red or purple) – have lots of room for my junk but not so much that the stuff would get lost – it would be as close to free as possible – and the best part would be that someone holding one of those purses that obviously cost well over $300 would say to me – “I just LOVE your purse!”


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  1. That purse in the photo is GORGEOUS! I am somewhat like you in that I tend to carry one purse at a time, until it wears out. But I went to Florence, Italy a few years ago and went to the leather shops. My my, the purses were spectacular! The leather there is fabulous. I bought 4 purses and one carry-on bag. I still have used two of the purses, but I use the pink (leather) one is spring/summer, and the burgundy (leather) one in fall/winter. I feel like a millionaire w/ so many purses!

    • I love the purse in the picture too! And it only took me an hour to find just the right one! My daughters keep trying to get me to buy more purses — they probably have about 100 between the two of them! I think they are crazy — and they think I am (for lots of reasons other than my lack of purses.)

  2. This might be a bit racy for your blog, but someone once shared with me an idea about what a woman’s purse symbolizes, and I agreed. She thought that it referenced one’s vagina. I used to exclusively carry large, red purses (with or w/out pattern) and often they were a bit sloppy and open. Sorry to be graphic, but that’s the truth. Think about the theory and let me what you think!

    • Interesting idea — I don’t believe it – but interesting – otherwise, some women have the smallest, sparkliest vagina in the world! What do I believe? That a purse is an expression of woman’s personality — and not just the purse she carries, but also the one she desires – because let’s face it, some women carry the purses they THINK they should, instead of the shiny red one they want!

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