Dear Train-Car Taggers

Balloon animals on parade?

Balloon animals on parade?

Dear Train-Car Taggers:

I truly enjoy driving by all of the train cars and seeing your handiwork – I love the colors and the splash of excitement.  I like seeing how many different cars have been decorated and am sad to see a gray splotch which means someone’s effort has been erased.

Even though I enjoy that part of seeing your “art”, I hunger for more actual art and less of the balloon animals all tied together.  I know you are trying to actually spell something out – but I’ve noticed that most of you either can’t spell or it is so cryptic it is meaningless to the rest of us.  I would love to see a landscape or a face.  I know it can be done because I follow a blog of artist who paints with spray paint (Ray Ferrer) – and they are beautiful!  I’ve watched television specials about artists in Europe who use stencils to spray paint wonderful things on the sides of buildings and empty walls.

Spelling the “F-word” over and over in different colors is not artwork – you might like to think so but it is just laziness.  Use some of that energy and that spray paint to actually make something, that as people drive by they don’t merely  count how many cars have been tagged, but they talk about what they have seen on the side of a train car.  Heck – they might even stop, take a picture and you will show up on the web in a picture or video that goes viral!

Wouldn’t it be really wild to see a train that had basically a picture book painted on the cars?  The first car told the first part of the story and it carried to the end?  And when the cars were rearranged later, you would have a whole different story!  That would be AWESOME!

So – dear taggers – the next time you go out to the train yard to leave your mark – plan ahead, think like an artist – and leave something that makes people stop and appreciate what you have done.  Then, maybe we will see fewer balloon animals spelling dirty words  – and a lot more beautiful art traveling around our country.


An art lover



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