Could It Be?

Solar Vortex or prelude to next Polar Vortex?

Solar Vortex or prelude to next Polar Vortex?

It is possible? Dare I hope?  Could it be that Spring has finally decided to make an appearance?

It seems like winter has dragged on FOREVER this year.  I’m not sure if it’s because as I get older I hate the winter more – or if the winter really was rougher this year.

I’m tired of hearing about the Polar Vortex which is supposed to be an outgrowth of Global Warming – which you can use all of the scientific terms you want with me and I’ll still think you sound stupid saying that the cold was caused by the heat.

I’m tired of dressing like Nanook of the North 24-7 when I don’t live anywhere near the North Pole.

I’m tired of watching movies of penguins who look warmer than I feel.

Mostly, I’m tired of EVERYONE being so darn crabby because they are all tired of the cold weather.  It is not good when an entire city of almost 1 million people has cabin fever!

However, today – we have HOPE!  Spring appears to coming to the area.  It seems that the next couple of weeks we will have weather above 40 degrees – and today is close to 70!  It can’t come too soon for me!

Soon, I’ll hear people complaining about the heat — and I’ll tell them that we are preparing for the next Polar Vortex (as stupid as that sounds) – so enjoy it while you can!


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