My Navy Girl


She was born sound asleep.  Since I had to have a C-section, she didn’t come into the world screaming and crying.  Instead, she has always been calm and collected.  Ready to face anything.

She was my cuddle-baby.  Always wanted to sit on my lap – no matter what I was doing.  She was the baby – and she took full advantage of her position in the family.

Becky - My Navy Girl

Becky – My Navy Girl

She was a good baby – but we were afraid she would pull a “Mary Beth” – named after my baby-sister who didn’t talk until she was 5 because we would just hand her things when she grunted – and due to the fact that she four older sisters who NEVER SHUT UP!  Luckily Becky’s siblings wouldn’t let her get away with that – so she learned to hold her own with the group.

She and her older brother Tim were crime buddies.  They explored together, made trouble together and were each others’ best friend.  Now he will have to salute her – but he reminds her that he can still arrest her.

She has claimed the title “the good kid” because she caused us the least amount of angst – I’m pretty sure there a lot of things I won’t find out about until I’m about 80 years old – and a lot more that I don’t ask about.

I was proud of her when she made it out of kindergarten without too many skinned knees.

I was proud of her when she made it out of grade school without too much of an “attitude”.

I was proud of her when she graduated from high school without bankrupting me because of all of her activities.

I was proud of her when she graduated from Nursing school because I knew she would be doing something she would love.

I was proud of her when she got married because she found someone who loved her as much as she loved him.

And now — I am proud of her because she has become an officer in the Navy Reserves because she is serving the country she loves – and the smile shows me that it makes her happy!


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