God’s laughter


There are so many great things about laughter – all documented in multiple news stories and studies. Stuff all of us already know but we paid lots of taxpayer money to have a formal scientific paper written – that in itself is hilarious!

We know that laughter helps our heart, our digestive system, our immune system and our brain. The one thing that no scientific paper or news article talks about is the good it does our soul. There is something healing and refreshing to the very soul when you have a good laugh.

Have you ever noticed that you tend to laugh the hardest and with the most feeling when you are at your most vulnerable? I know that the mildly funny stuff becomes knee-slapping funny when I am sad – and the stuff that makes me laugh out loud now makes tears roll down my face and ruin my mascara.

I think of laughter as God’s way of sharing all the joy he feels when he laughs – and baby laughter must be how the angels sound to God when he tells them a good joke!

God laughs? Oh yes he does – and I know that because I’ve seen a platypus!

God's sense of humor

God’s sense of humor


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