Breathe Mom — Breathe!

Time to BREATHE!

Time to BREATHE!

Sometimes we get the best advice we could ever get from our children – instead of the other way around.

Years ago, my son, Bob did just that – and I repeat this mantra to myself whenever things are particularly crazy, out of control or when I’m ready to punch someone in the face.

I don’t even remember the circumstances surrounding Bob’s words of wisdom – but I’m sure I was in a particularly bad state and my son Bob thought I was going to explode. I’m equally sure it is because of something Bob had done (or not done) – which is why he was trying to defuse the situation.

And it did just that – at that moment, I realized that I was NOT breathing. I was sucking in air but I wasn’t breathing. I was so angry, so distraught – so out of control – that I wasn’t taking the time to BREATHE and therefore, no oxygen was getting to my brain so I could THINK!

How many times do all of us do this? We get so caught up in the stress, the deadlines, the crisis-of-the-minute – that we are taking in air – but are not slowing down to actually BREATHE!

It’s amazing what breathing can do – all of the sudden your eyes focus, your ears open , your brain starts working – and most amazingly your heart starts telling you things will be okay. Life will go on, you will muddle through and there are those around you who love you enough to remind you to BREATHE!

Sometimes our kids are so SMART!


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