Our Little Mercenary


Our 7-year-old angel or mercenary?

Conversation during Mass this past weekend –

“Grandma, I am learning to really like church. I said the prayers all the way through by myself. “ Lizzie whispered as we were kneeling.

“Very good Lizzie, I’m proud of you.”

A couple of seconds of silence.

“If the saint you talked about could kneel for hours and hours, I think I can stand it for one hour.”

“That is very true.”

A very short silent moment.

“Am I being good today during Mass?”

“Yes, Lizzie. Thank you.”

A pause.

“What about stinker bug over there?” (meaning her little brother, Liam)

“He is doing fine today.”


Short pause.

“Do I get a special treat for being extra good in Mass today?”

And the little mercenary comes out of hiding.


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