The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth

We all want the Fountain of Youth – we want to stay young, vibrant – and at least give the appearance that we understand the latest fads, trends and technology. I always thought I could do this on my own – reading magazines, watching television, sacrificing small animals to some obscure god (just kidding – sort of). Then, I found the TRUE Fountain of Youth – grandchildren!

Grandchildren allow you to do all kinds of things without appearing to be “that creepy old person” hanging around all of the young people. Here is a just a partial list of what I now get to do –

  • Go to Disney, Pixar and any animated movie I want! I love animated movies! I love them even more on the big screen with popcorn and a soda. As long as I have the grandkids with me, I can be assured that no one will be calling the nearby homes asking if one of the patients has wandered off!
  • Go to ALL of the superhero movies – sometimes more than once! Captain America (who is really cute by the way), Batman, Thor (again, super cute!) and a multitude of others. Next on my list is Guardians of the Galaxy! The grandkids have already seen it – but they are willing to “take” me to see it again.
  • Go to splash pads, water parks and swimming pools – and just hang out! I don’t have to swim laps or do a fancy dive from the diving board – I just get to cool off in the water and giggle with the kids (and make fun of those people who are swimming laps and the ones who do a belly flop off the diving board).
  • Lie in the grass at night and watch the stars – without someone calling an ambulance or trying to cover me up with dirt and mark my grave!
  • Flag down the ice cream truck as it goes through the neighborhood. Nothing quite as sad as a lonely adult buying ice cream from a truck – but add a couple of grandkids and everyone talks to you!

An added bonus is that I have very patient teachers to show me how to operate the apps on my phone and show me new games. Teenagers and retail people just aren’t equipped with the right attitude to help someone who received a new-fangled calculator for a high school graduation present. Grandkids on the other hand, are perfectly willing to take as long as I need to understand because they know that afterwards we are going to get ice cream, go swimming and probably see a movie (which always includes popcorn and soda) – teenagers aren’t so easily bribed and retail people just don’t have the time.

As long as I have grandchildren – and maybe even great-grandchildren – I will stay young forever!


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