Donuts are my life!!

So many lives!

So many lives!

Every time Liam, my grandson gets in the car with his grandfather, he is of the opinion that they should go to the gas station and get a donut. This is true no matter what time of day it is or if we just finished eating a meal – or if a meal is waiting for us – Liam needs a donut. And it can’t be just any donut – it must be a donut from the gas station – none of those fancy-schmancy donuts from Winchell’s or Krispy Kremes – only gas station donuts will do.

On one recent gas station stop, Liam was told that he couldn’t have a donut because he had been misbehaving. Liam promptly responded – “But Grandpa – Donuts are my life!” He still didn’t get his donut but we all received a great giggle for the day.

However, as I thought about Liam’s declaration, it occurred to me that he really had spoken words that we should all live by – not exactly that we should eat donuts until we burst – but that life is supposed to be sweet and enjoyable, slightly messy – but worth having to lick our fingers and think about the next time. Life should be something that makes us hop-skip-jump and put a sparkle in our eyes.

I know that Liam will replace donuts with other things as he grows older – I only hope they make him smile, laugh – and yes, even be sad when he doesn’t get it – because that means he has passion and love for those things that are his life.

May he always have donuts in his life!


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