The Case of the Directionally Challenged Tooth Fairy

The gullible one and the storyteller in the background.

The gullible one and the storyteller in the background.

My grandson, Liam has been busy losing his baby teeth – which means the Tooth Fairy has been visiting him a lot and leaving “sparkle” dollars under his pillow.  I should also mention that Liam thinks that Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) is the Tooth Fairy – ah, the power of movies, no matter how bad they are!

So, imagine Liam’s disappointment the morning after he lost a tooth and there was NO SPARKLE DOLLAR under his pillow!  Apparently, one of the Tooth Fairy’s minions (aka Mom) had forgotten to make the delivery.  Grandpa and I found out about this terrible situation on our way to Mass on Sunday morning as Liam expressed his outrage –

“Grandpa – the Tooth Fairy forgot all about me last night.  He didn’t pay me for my tooth!”

I was just getting ready to tell Liam that I was sure the Tooth Fairy would deliver his payment by the time we got home from Mass – while I was quickly texting the offending minion to get on the ball and leave the money, when Grandpa spit out –

“Holy Cow Liam!  That explains the dollar I found under my pillow last night!  The Tooth Fairy must have gotten lost and left it under my pillow instead of yours!  Grandma – give him that dollar we found!”

“That silly Tooth Fairy — why didn’t he ask for directions to my house?” I was going to tell him that men don’t ask for directions but held my tongue waiting to see what Grandpa would come up with.

“Well, he was probably running late, knew we were related and just left it with us for safekeeping.”

“Okay – where’s my dollar?”

God bless fast-thinking grandpas – and children who believe anything they are told!


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