Memories are a tricky thing…


Memory LaneWe all have those memories that are only ours – they are triggered by a smell, a song, the feel of the sun on our skin at a certain time of day, seeing the smile on a stranger – any number of things. These memories can make us smile, get misty-eyed and sometimes even cringe – but they always evoke some type of response from us – because they are ours.

And that’s the tricky thing about memories – they are personal. No two people remember any incident, feeling or person the same way – even if they are standing right next to each other – or were raised in the same family. Usually we don’t find out our memories are vastly different until something drastic happens – something like a death in the family.

It is during those times that we find out that we all have different memories – not wrong memories – just different. Nothing matches up – no details are in sync – different time, place, conversation and even outcome – and it can still be the same event. If we are smart and kind – we listen to each other and find the tidbits which really matter, the feelings which were important, the things that made it special to that person – and we accept it for what it is – their memory – not ours – and we love them for having something special that they can call their very own. And then we love them even more for sharing something special with us.


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