Smiling Memories

Ahh - the memories that make us smile! (Amy is on the left and Mary Beth on the right)

Ahh – the memories that make us smile! (Amy is on the left and Mary Beth on the right)

After I posted my blog last night about my sister Mary Beth, someone posted an interesting question – “What are your favorite memories of your sister?” I didn’t have to think too hard since I was remembering so many things about her yesterday – but which ones are my favorite? Wow – that was more difficult. There are so many ways to define ‘favorite’ and each has a different memory – and so many times the memory doesn’t involve just Mary Beth, but also my mother, my other sisters, my husband and my children. I always hesitate to talk about those memories, because all of us remember them differently – but I’ve decided not to be a coward and go forth with my version. If anyone has a different version, they are welcome to share theirs or write their own blog – but they don’t get to tell me that I’m wrong – because as my children will tell you – I am ALWAYS right!

Memory that makes me smile because it is all about me – Mary Beth and Amy surprising me for my 50th birthday. The best part of that memory is the two of them dressed up like old hookers (not intentionally – at least I don’t think so!).

Memory that makes me smile because it was sweet – Mary Beth’s graduation from high school. She was so excited and Mom was so proud. She had adventure in her soul and she was ready to see the world.

Memory that makes me smile because I made her happy – I used to sew clothes for my sisters and although they don’t remember the outfits, I remember one in particular that Mary Beth wore until it fell apart. She was about 12 years old and I made her a pair of overalls which were green with some type of print on them. I still have a picture of her laying on the floor wearing those pants visiting with her friends.

Memory that makes me smile because it made my husband uncomfortable – The first time my not-yet-husband witnessed my bikini-clad sisters (Mary Beth and Michelle) go outside to sunbathe on top of the snow. His exact words were “Are you going to let them go outside like that? They will cause an accident!”

Memory that makes me smile just because it is so darn funny – Teenage Mary Beth strutting down the main street of Gunnison, smiling because she was being waved at and whistled at – thinking to herself “Damn, I look GOOD!” – until she caught a glimpse of herself in a store window and realized to her horror that the back of her skirt was tucked up inside her pantyhose! She turned with her butt facing that store window and pulled the offending skirt out of her pantyhose – and then realized the she had managed to be discreet for those on the street – but given the people inside JC Penney’s a real show. I think of her every time I leave the bathroom – I double-check that mirror to make sure my skirt is where it is supposed to be.

There are lots of other memories – but those are the ones which I think of the most often – and I’m sure others have ones that resonate with them – but these are the ones that make me happy – and they make me smile.


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