Ice Cream Makes You Smart

Very Smart Little Boy

Very Smart Little Boy

We were driving our grandchildren home from Liam’s football practice last night just as the moon was coming up.  Liam started to tell us all about the moon – it looks like a banana right now but that isn’t really its shape its just hiding from the sun its still round isn’t that cool?  (he said it just like that – all in one breath, really fast).  We agreed that that was really cool – which led to the next discussion –

Liam said with great pride – “I’ve gotten really, really smart in the last two days.”

Grandpa – “It sure sounds like it.”

“What do you think made me so smart so fast?”

Lizzie, Liam’s older sister said with an air of authority – “Education!”

Grandpa answered at almost the same time – “Ice cream.”

Lizzie just rolled her eyes while Liam, with his hand on his chin pondered Grandpa’s answer.

Grandpa went on to explain – “That’s why I love ice cream, because it makes me smart – and that’s why when we buy you an ice cream cone, you have to eat it all.”

You could hear the little wheels turning in the backseat as Liam thought about this.  Finally, Liam said –

“You know, I think you are right Grandpa.  Ice cream does make you smart.”

Liam is NOT stupid.


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