Wishes for Lizzie



Dearest Lizzie:

I have so many wishes and dreams for you that I feel like one of the three fairies who cared for Sleeping Beauty – only I don’t have wings or the ability to whip up a dress out of thin air!

I could wish beauty for you – but you already have that in abundance – both on the inside and outside! Your creative spirit shines through everything you do and your love of those around you brings a special light to your eyes. You have the ability to see the best in everyone – and to bring out the best in everyone – which shows in your smile.

I could wish happiness for you – but we all have to find our own happiness and you are well on your way to achieving that one! You love to learn and share what you have learned with anyone who will listen. You are able to see joy in everything around you – and if someone doesn’t see the same wonderful things you see – you are happy to share all that you have with that person.

I could wish success for you – but you will always be successful in what you do because you believe in yourself. Your sense of adventure and willingness to learn new things will let you achieve whatever you desire. You are always seeking the answers to questions which tickle your imagination – like why did God make a platypus other than to make us laugh – and how can you warn people earlier about tornadoes. You already have everything you need for success.

So, what is left? These are things that people desire most – beauty, happiness and success – but you already possess them in abundance – never let them go.

Never let go of your joy of discovery and learning. There is always something you haven’t seen or experienced. Embrace it. Love it. Share your joy with others.

Never let go of your creativity. Creativity is what makes you see the world as it should be – not as it is.   Your creativity is what enables you to find solutions to problems, to see the best in people and to make the world a better place for everyone. Embrace it. Love it. Share your creativity with others.

Never let go of your “sparkle” – that thing that makes you special. Always be yourself and don’t hide your gifts from others. Be the person you want to be, not what someone else has decided you should be. Don’t let other people make decisions for you just because it is easier. Be the person God meant you to be. Embrace it. Love it. Share your “sparkle” with others.

So, I don’t need any other wishes for you Elizabeth – because you received every single one I had for you on the day you were born – and even without my fairy wings or magic – you are already becoming the person I wished for on that day. You are kind, loving, creative and inquisitive. You have a laugh that makes angels giggle along with you and a voice that makes the elves dance. Never lose those things.

My wishes for you?  To Embrace life. To Love life. To Share your joy of life with others.  You do these things and everything else will follow along.

I love you –



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