Care Packages

February 2016 282

You are never too old for a care package from home!

You are never too old to receive a care package from your mother – I don’t care how old you are – you love getting the box filled with love in the form of goodies – cookies, candy, cards – even shampoo, perfume and soap.  Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” than a box filled with stuff to make you fat – but smelling good!

I remember my first care package I received from my mom when I started my freshman year at Creighton University.  It had homemade chocolate cookies and razors.  Mom just knew that I was craving those cookies while I studied – but also she didn’t want me to become the wooly mammoth while I was gone.

I received a care package from my mom for all the major holidays – Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and of course – my birthday.  The packages all contained the standards – candy specific to the season, cookies (sometimes Girl Scout cookies), a card of encouragement – and maybe even a note from my sisters.  My favorite package was the one I received for my 21st birthday – when Mom sent my birthday cake!  She managed to pack an chocolate frosted angel food cake – with candles!  It was the best birthday present EVER!

Fast forward a few years – and I have carried on my mother’s love by sending my own care packages to my children who are away from home.  Until recently, the only person who received them was Tim, since he was in the military and stationed overseas.  However, now Bob lives in New York City and Tim lives in Wyoming – so they both get boxes just like the ones I used to receive.  Recently, they received very similar boxes — Valentine candy and Little Debbie cookies (Fudge rounds are their favorites).  After that, the boxes were personalized — dog toy for Tim’s new puppy, embroidered dishtowels for Tim’s wife, Sanaz, hand cream for Tim’s chapped hands.  Bob received some razors (apparently I was channeling my mother when I sent them – but I know Bob will use them on his face – and if not, I don’t want to know about it), aftershave – and some Goldfish crackers.  In addition, I made share to include lots of LOVE – which fills in the empty spaces and coats all of the items in the box!

There are those out there who are wondering why I don’t save myself the cost of mailing all of this stuff by sending my kids a gift card to Walmart – but it just isn’t the same.  I enjoy going through the grocery aisles, picking out cookies the kids used to love – finding new ones to share with them – and also getting some shampoo which they have to use no matter how it smells because they poor (so, I have an evil streak in me that wants a “little” revenge for their stinkiness growing up!).

More importantly – I remember opening those boxes from home and knowing that Mom had taken the time to find some things to send me, to put them in a box, seal it, address and drive it to the post office – which means she gave me some of her time – not just some of her money.  I want my children to have that same feeling — knowing that they are more precious than money – they are worth my thoughts and my time to make sure they have a little bit of home delivered to them wherever they are.


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