The Quest


Knight2It started as a normal day – errands to run, housecleaning to do, grandchildren to deliver – and maybe even work in a movie if possible – and then The Quest began. As is the case with most quests, this was the search for the elusive, the rare and possibly the valuable artifact. In some cases, The Quest can turn into a Wild Goose Chase and in our case, there was definitely a possibility of this happening.

You are now asking yourself – what could possibly be the object of The Quest which would put on hold a Saturday afternoon at the movies or even a walk in the park on a beautiful day? What could possibly have caused a usually mild-mannered man to become a focused knight seeking his Holy Grail? Surely it was something befitting the next installment of the Indiana Jones movie franchise – right?

I wish I could tell you it was the missing tiara of a famous princess – or even a magic wand which would make Harry Potter jealous. I wish I could tell you it was a Golden Goose or even the actual Holy Grail – but alas it was not. I wish I could tell you it was something wondrous that made us drive to four different stores (all miles and miles apart) – some of them having just closed moments before we arrived – which caused much swearing from my noble knight concerning the need for these types of stores to stay open on Saturdays past 2:30 p.m. since most normal people (or knights) save their questing for Saturdays.

Thankfully, just when The Quest was taking on all of the characteristics of a Wild Goose Chase, our dedication and stubbornness was rewarded. The last store we visited which was set to close just a mere five minutes after we arrived had the object of our obsession. It did not come cheap and not without some arguments (not from us, we apparently walked in on an argument amongst our noble shopkeepers) – but after giving over his tribute of $50.00, my noble knight emerged victorious with his Holy Grail in hand.

As my gallant knight handed me his prize with great pride, I just smiled at him knowing that I could have ordered the battery charger for my vacuum cleaner on the internet with a lot less fuss – but who am I to spoil a knight’s Quest?


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