One of the things I forgot


Both easily distracted by squirrels

I have forgotten lots of things over the years – I would list them out – but I’ve really, really forgotten them!  The only reason I know I have forgotten them is that there seems to be more room in my brain for other useless knowledge – and that I don’t have an answer to what should be an easy question from my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my doctor – or anyone person who asks me a silly question.  I also know that I have forgotten things because I use that statement “a silly question” when referring to something I probably knew at one time and now I don’t.

On the other hand – I remember some of the stupidest stuff ever — my phone number when I was growing up – which I’m tempted to call at least twice a week to see who has it now!  My addresses from my hometown of Gunnison, Colorado – where I haven’t lived for about 40 years – 300 West New York (I think it’s an empty lot now), 200 South Wisconsin (still there, but they have added on) and 418 Tincup (still there).  Why I have this information I have absolutely no idea – it just seems to be taking up unnecessary room in my brain which could be used for really important things like – where my keys are located, what the names of my children are (not an everyday occurrence and I eventually get them right after I’ve called them all my sisters’ names and a couple of past dogs’!).

So, I am not at all surprised when my grandson, Liam reminded me of something I forgot about little boys.  Little boys are all about saving their precious time for the things which are important in their lives – which is true for all of us.  However, the big difference with little boys is they really have to be reminded that there are certain protocols and steps they are expected to follow — you know – things like – don’t leave the toilet seat up (or you will hear a loud scream from Mom, followed by some stern words), if you are going to write in the snow using your own bodily fluids make sure to spell someone else’s name, and when you fart ALWAYS blame the dog.

The one thing I forgot is that when you give a task to a small boy – you have to tell them ALL of the steps – not just the beginning and the end results – especially for those tasks which seem totally ridiculous wastes of time – like showering.

Imagine my surprise (since I had forgotten this lesson from my past) when after telling Liam to take a shower he was done in less than three minutes!  So, the quiz started –

Did you get wet at all?  Of course!

Did you use soap and shampoo?  Yes!

On your body and hair? What kind of questions are these Grandma?

Did you put ALL of your clothes back on?  Do you see any on the floor?

Why are your clothes damp?  Did you dry off with a towel BEFORE you got dressed?  That’s a silly question Grandma!

Which only proves that EVERYONE uses that statement when replying to a question about one of those things they forgot!


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