Dragonflies and Grasshoppers


There comes a point in all of our lives where we should be honest with ourselves – that point where we have to admit that we aren’t the young, virile, athletic person we once were. And if we are brutally honest with ourselves we would probably have to admit we were never that person. 

As I sit here in a campsite on the edge of a canyon in Wyoming waiting for my family to return from their hike to the bottom of the canyon to see Outlaw Cave, listening to the grasshoppers chirp as they fly about and watching the dragonflies zip by – I have realized that I am have made a very wise choice to stay behind.  Of course, since I am now wise, this also means I am an old fart. 

I could have walked down the very steep path to the bottom of the canyon, frolicked in the river and explored the cave and the hiked back up the really steep path. The reality is I would have stumbled down the very steep path and probably pulled a couple of people down with me. I would have soaked my aching feet in the ice cold river only to realize I couldn’t get my shoes back on. I would have refused to go in the cave because those kinds of things creep me out. Then, I would have had to have my entire family push from behind to get back up the very steep path. 

The brutal truth about this is that this would have been the scenario regardless of my age. I would like to think in my younger days this type of hike would be easy but my now wise old self reminds me that I used to make couch potatoes looke hyperactive!  My enjoyment has always come from sitting in a lovely spot and reading a book. I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to change that radically in my old fartness to something different. 

So while the rest of my family takes a lovely hike to a lovely river to do some lovely exploring – I will continue to be me by sitting in my chair, reading a book and enjoying the grasshoppers and dragonflies. 


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  1. Katie, I enjoyed reading this. And so we are our best when we are ourselves…everyone has purpose….I bet the family was elated to have someone like you (well rested and relaxed) to welcome them back with open arms, enthusiasm and eagerness to hear their stories.

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