Tis the Season


fireworksAs this year comes to a close, I – like many others – start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions.  I’m not any good at these things – as evidenced by ALL of my past failures – lose 50 pounds, lose 40 pounds, lose an ounce – or I’ll write more, read more, watch TV less, spend less time on computer – or I’ll say something nice to someone every day, say something nice to at least one person a week, I’ll think something nice about someone every once in a while – or I’ll quit swearing, I’ll stop saying the “F” word, I’ll quit saying ‘shit’ or I’ll just swear less.

With all of these, I have noticed that I don’t make the same resolution every year – I just lower my standards for success.  I’ve realized my shortcomings – and I’m quite comfortable with them.  I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m not going to be a supermodel – it only took me to the age of 60 to realize that one.  I have found that I like to de-stress after my day by ‘zoning out’ in front of the TV or computer playing games.  I admit that sometimes I can barely say something nice about myself – much less others I interact with during the day.  I have found just the right combination of swear words which enable me to move on through a situation without getting arrested for murder or at the very least assault.

So, maybe, just maybe my New Year’s Resolutions are a complete failure.  Maybe it has helped me realize that although I’m not perfect (which I always knew) – perfection is not the key.  Learning to be comfortable with myself and all of my many faults is really what is important.

With that in mind,  this year I’m going to resolve to quit making excuses for my bad behavior – oh wait, I already did that one.  Maybe I should just quit making excuses for things that irritate people – I did that one too.  Okay – this year, I’m not going to make excuses for being a nuisance and pest to those around me – nope did that one too.  I’ve got it!  This year, I’m going to try to fewer excuses for things which I am not sorry I did.  Yeh – I think I can handle that one.


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