Helping each other

We had a little bit of rain the other day which quickly turned into ice on the sidewalks and driveways – and also on the grass.  In other words there were really no safe places to walk – unless you walked like a penguin or had ice skates.  So, when it came time to take my granddaughter, Lizzie to her piano lessons that evening, I was a little concerned about getting into her piano teacher’s house without breaking an ankle, wrist, head – or more importantly my pride.  Lucky for me, I have a loving husband who was willing to get out of the warm car and walk with Lizzie to the front door.  I was still concerned about the two of them so as they got out of the car, I gave some instructions –

“Pat – make sure to hold Lizzie’s hand while you walk to the door.  It is ice on the driveway and steps.”

Before Pat could answer my instructions – or even shrug his shoulders in agreement – Lizzie indicated that things needed to go a different direction –

“Grandpa, you are really old and we can’t have you breaking your hip – so I think it is better if I hold YOUR hand while we walk up the steps.”

It’s all about perspective – 60 years of age is ‘really old’ to a 9 year old AND  it’s important to know who is really helping whom.


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