We Were Ready!


We had completed everything on our checklist in preparation for the big day –

  • Asked for time off from work
  • Arranged for grandkids to get out of school
  • Packed cooler with soda and water
  • Put camp chairs in the trunk
  • Topped off gas tank
  • Had weather and travel apps loaded on phone
  • Received all necessary supplies a couple of days prior to adventure

We had even scoped out the ‘lay of the land’ two days prior to our adventure to make sure we knew exactly where we were going – and had even found a delightful little diner which served the BEST caramel cinnamon French toast!

We were definitely ready!

My hubby and I left work a little early because we heard the traffic was getting crazier by the minute.  We stopped and picked up my daughter and our two grandchildren on the way out of town.  Then we started on our adventure.

There had been a severe lightning and thunderstorm in the morning, but the skies were clear and the traffic was moving right along.  We were ahead of schedule and would arrive at our destination at least 30 minutes prior to the big event.


We were soooo ready!

We found our previously designated spot.  We unloaded the trunk.  Set out the cooler.  Set up the chairs.   Got out all the necessary supplies.  Let the kids (and grandpa) find a spot in the adjacent field to empty their bladders so they wouldn’t miss the big event.

We were READY!!!!

graveyardWe put on our special glasses to watch the solar eclipse from our spot in the totality.  We had picked out a spot right next to the graveyard – mainly so we could tease the kids that the zombies would be coming out during the eclipse.  They weren’t impressed because they knew that zombies would want more time to roam the earth than the two minutes the eclipse would be happening.  We watched the moon cover one-third, one-half and then three-quarters of the sun!  It was so exciting to see the world around us starting to go dark.  The crickets were starting to chirp.  It was getting cold – and we could watch the shadow of the eclipse come over the field towards us.


The one thing we could not control in our adventure was Mother Nature.  With five minutes left before the total eclipse, a cloud covered the sun.  It wasn’t just any old cloud – it was one which totally blocked out the sun – it obviously was jealous of all the attention the moon was getting and wanted to upstage him – kind of like that kid in your school choir who has decided that the person singing the solo needs some help, so they will chime in a little off key so everyone will notice them!Oh No

We waited and counted off the minutes to the total eclipse.  Hoping Mother Nature would step in and move that nasty, mean old attention-stealing cloud off the sun.  But, alas it was not to be.  We didn’t actually get to SEE the total eclipse – but we did get to see all of the other things associated with it – we saw a 360 degree sunset; we got to see the area grow quiet and dark except for the crickets; we got to see the birds start roosting and then get confused when it started getting light two minutes later.  Probably the best thing we saw was a lady in the graveyard in her mediation pose with her crystals, oils and candles in a circle around her – so she could pay her respect to the eclipse in her own special way.

There was no picture of the total eclipse on my phone.  There was no memory of seeing it with our special glasses.  There were no ‘ooos’ or ‘aaaahhhs’ as we gazed at the eclipse.  There were no zombies (probably the most disappointing part of all).  But it was a GREAT ADVENTURE and WE WERE READY!


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