The cure for ‘meh’

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For most of us, the reality of a much anticipated vacation, movie, book or event rarely lives up to what we thought it was going to be.  We have played the scenarios in our minds so much of how fun vacation is going to be, how beautiful the location is going to be, how exciting the movie is going to be, how good the book is going to be – that all of the ‘to be’s’ never quite measure up to what reality has to offer.

We’ve all done this.  Planned a wonderful vacation based on the recommendation of friends, family or a website.  It is touted as being the most beautiful, the most fun, the most accommodating experience EVER.  Once we arrive we find that things are beautiful, it is fun and the people are nice – but it isn’t the awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, life changing event we thought it would be.  We become the ‘meh’ emoji when talking about our vacation.

My husband has developed a cure for the ‘meh’ moments based on anticipation of wonderment.  Instead of anticipating wonder and glory – he anticipates great disasters and possibility debilitating injuries wherever we go.  Every opportunity is a potential hazard or trip to an emergency room.  Every fun activity could lead to someone’s early demise.  Every movie could result in someone choking on their popcorn.  Every new book could cause blindness if read in the dark.

Since I am forever the optimist in the family, I have asked him why he approaches every adventure like there is a possibility we will return at the very least missing appendages.  His reply is typical – “If I expect the absolute worst and only something minor happens, then it is a good time.  If I expect the absolute worst and NOTHING happens, then it is a WONDERFUL time.”

So far he has never been disappointed on any of our excursions – let’s pray that it stays that way for a long, long time!


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