pillowSometimes it is the truly outrageous and even ugly by some people’s standards, that makes us truly blissful.  There is that one item which ‘completes’ us and makes us so happy we have to dance or cry – or both.  We giggle when we latch on to it with blind love and damned the critics.  We’ve all had those items – a favorite doll that would make Chuckie look like one of the Back Street Boys, a shirt that lets more air in than keeps out, a chair that has duct tape holding in the stuffing or even a book that is really just a collection of pages because scotch tape has finally taken the place of the binding.  Some of our joyful items come into our lives brand new and never been loved by anyone else – and then there are the lucky items which have been greatly loved by more than one person and have been passed on.

As I have come to learn from my hubby (Pat) and my granddaughter (Lizzie), the previously loved items are the true treasures.  Pat and Lizzie take great delight in finding these treasures and in a recent case, the bliss found Lizzie.

Our neighbor has been cleaning out some of the stuff left behind by her grandchildren who no longer want these items.  She knows that my hubby is a sucker for anything that is ‘free’ and so he is always the first one to be offered any of these treasures.  She showed up on our doorstep on a recent evening and asked if we wanted some of her granddaughter’s stuff from her old room – it was mostly pink with some animal prints which she thought Lizzie might enjoy.  Pat – who conveniently forgot his horror at the amount of stuff in Lizzie’s house when he heard the word ‘free’ – immediately answered our neighbor with an enthusiastic ‘YES!’.  Free stuff AND make his granddaughter happy – what could be more perfect!  Our neighbor said she would bring everything over the next day when Lizzie would be at our house.  I was a little concerned by the term ‘everything’ – but since it wasn’t going into my basement I wasn’t too worried.

The next day dawned, Lizzie came over and as promised, the treasures arrived.  Pat answered the door and called Lizzie to help carry in the new items.  There was a wonderful lamp which looks like a colorful bunch of calla lilies, four large stuffed animals, a zebra printed LARGE pillow and some curtains with the peace symbol.  All of these made Lizzie’s heart flutter – but the thing that made her heart skip a beat and her face become illuminated with bliss was a bright pink, shaggy pillow with arms on it, so she could prop herself up in bed like the princess she is.  It even had a handle so she could easily carry it to wherever it was needed.  What could be more heavenly?  What could be lovelier?  What could be more wonderful?  Absolutely nothing!

Everything else which came in the house was forgotten – Lizzie only had eyes, arms and heart for that pillow.  It ‘completed’ her, it brought tears to her eyes and made her dance with delight.  She had found her bliss.


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