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Christmas 2017 – Babies, Castles, Lights – and of course – FISH!


WDWRESORTSANDMORE_VIRTSTUDIO_20171210_407040102397Hello again from the Gurnetts!!  It has been another lovely year full of babies, castles, the Great White North – and the ever-present fish!  Last year at this time, we were expecting two new playmates for Pat – Wesley Emmet Jizba and Walter Patrick Gurnett – and we were not disappointed!  Wes made his appearance on 12/27/17 and Walter showed up on 2/17/18.  We have had a lot of fun with the little guys, but Tim decided to complicate our lives by moving to Alaska!  Pat was not happy because he had planned on driving to Wyoming at least once a month – and he can’t drive to Alaska!!  Well, he could but he would have to take more than a weekend off to do it.  Believe me – he mapped out a route and everything because he wanted to avoid those airplanes (those darn modern contraptions) at all costs!   Tim and Sanaz (and Walter) moved in June to Anchorage, Alaska and have since bought a home in Palmer.  Pat was so desperate to see his playmate Walter that he flew to Alaska twice to help Tim move!  It didn’t hurt that he could explore Alaska while he was there.  I haven’t had the chance to go yet – but am planning a trip in February for Walter’s first birthday – and the Northern Lights!  Lucky for Pat, he still has playmates here in town – Liz, Liam and Wes.  Plus – we just found out that Becky and Pete are going to add another little one to mix next July – so all is right with the world!  We also managed a short trip back to Gunnison for a weekend just to relax and explore.  We almost got caught in a snowstorm (it was in October) but managed to get back without getting stranded.  Pat did do a little fishing while he was there – but alas, the fish had heard about the snowstorm too and they apparently left early to avoid the bad weather!  Pat will get to see fish once more this year – but he won’t be able to catch them since Disneyworld frowns on people trying to catch Nemo!  Yes – we are going to visit Magic Kingdom this month – see the castle, new rides and the most important thing – the smiles on Lizzie and Liam’s faces.  So – once again, Pat will just have to dream about fish for a while – and maybe next summer, Tim will have some places picked out to fish in Alaska – where Pat can wave at the fish as they pass by.

Jenny has been very busy (as usual) this year.  She is still working at JC Penney’s salon, but is now in training to be a Weight Watcher leader.  She is enjoying meeting lots of people and helping them.  Liz, who is 10 years old and in the 5th grade, has taken up playing the flute as well as the piano.  She enjoys her music very much – and is still in the church choir.  She has indicated that this is just a hobby since her real job is going to be chasing storms.  She still loves her tornadoes!  Liam, 8 years old and in the 3rd grade is learning Tae Kwan Do.  He has his ‘soft’ side too and has joined the church choir with his sister – and he actually sings!!

Bob is still living in New York City and working on his comedic stardom.  He has also recently written a book which will be released in April 2018 on Beer Games.  I’m not sure if I should be really proud – or start searching for a local AA meeting for him.  You can find him by searching on Amazon under authors – Bob Gurnett.  You can pre-order his book now – so please do so, so I can get my house on the beach in Hawaii!  Bob has been traveling this year too.  His trip is a little more exciting than ours – he went to Germany with some friends for Oktoberfest – but I don’t think he can write it off as research for his book.

Tim and Sanaz – and of course little Walter are enjoying their time in Alaska.  Sanaz is working for a local hospital and Tim is working for the University of Alaska.  He is going to start working on his Masters since he gets so many hours a semester as part of his pay.  They love their new house and Sanaz has been busy decorating – painting mountains on Walter’s bedroom walls, getting new furniture – and picking up after two little boys – Walter and Tim!  They have already taken Walter on many hikes – and like his father, I’m pretty sure he would be happy living outdoors fulltime – I just hope he finds a warmer climate when he decides to do that!

Becky and Pete are enjoying Wes so much they decided to add to their crew this coming July.  Becky is still at Methodist Hospital and Pete with Godfather’s Pizza.  Wes is a very happy baby and he seems to think that his Grandpa Pat is probably the funniest looking man on the planet!  We are guessing this is because Pat is one of the few men in Wes’ life who doesn’t have a full beard – so he isn’t sure what that funny looking face is doing without any hair!  Becky, Pete and Wes went to visit Tim, Sanaz and Walter in Alaska this summer and the boys had a blast playing together – oh, and Wes and Walter had fun too!

Pat and I are enjoying our children, grandchildren and hanging out together. I am still at Physicians Mutual but Pat was transferred to Midlands Hospital when CHI closed the Old St. Joseph’s Hospital (Creighton University Medical Center) this past summer.  It was a bittersweet moment for Pat because his mother, who was medical records director of St. Joseph’s first turned the lights on in that department in that building – and Pat would be the last one to turn them off.

May your holidays be full of laughter, love, castles to explore, beautiful lights to enjoy and of course, don’t forget to share any fish you find – whether in an aquarium, a book, a movie – or even the fishbowl at home with those whose smiles bring the Northern Lights to your soul.