Junk Food Day


Ever have one of those days where nothing ‘healthy’ seems to hit the spot? Your hips, waistline and blood pressure tell you to behave yourself – but your inner child (who apparently is much thinner) wants all the junk food which can be inhaled in a short amount of time. So it comes down to the adult, who wants to be healthy, arguing with the inner child who has decided that only a Twinkie will be satisfying – and not one of those stupid low-fat Twinkies – who the heck thought that was a good idea! If a person is willing to eat a Twinkie do you really think they care about whether it is low-fat or not?

My Junk Food Day usually coincides with a Snow Day – which we just had a couple of them here – so not just one Junk Food Day – but two! My hips and my heart are hoping that there isn’t a third Snow Day! I’m not sure why that is the case – but to be honest and because I’m on a sugar-high, that’s the only way I can be – I can pretty much declare a Junk Food Day to mark any day. Home sick with a bad cold – Junk Food Day! First day of vacation – Junk Food Day! Last day of vacation – Junk Food Day! One of ‘those’ days at work – Junk Food Day! COVID – Junk Food Year! Yep – too many more Junk Food Days and I’ll either blow up my blood pressure cuff or blow out my jeans!

But when Junk Food Day calls out to my inner child a nice salad just won’t do – even with extra salad dressing! No, I want butter popcorn, very large raspberry muffins, Reese’s peanut butter cups, cookies (any kind) – and even frosted graham crackers! Wow – when I write all of this down I’m beginning to realize that I’m lucky I don’t have a stroke – or at the very least a really, really bad stomach ache!

Is it worth it? Is that whole bag of chocolate covered cashews worth it? Is the bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce worth it? Is the bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough worth it?

ABSOLUTELY! For a short time I can put aside my responsible adult life with my healthy portions of fish and chicken – and even vegetables – except broccoli – even adults shouldn’t eat broccoli! I get to let go of those requirements – and just eat the things that feed my soul – and I’ll deal with my hips, waistline and blood pressure tomorrow. I’ll try to be good with my diet and salt intake – but I’ll be praying for another Junk Day because there are some chocolate covered pretzels calling my name! I’m just hoping I can wait until my jeans aren’t so tight!

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