Wow – Who Knew?


I knew when we got our new puppy, Mazie that there a was a lot of fur in my future. Mazie is a Golden Retriever and she is a lover and a cuddler – but she is also a shedder, as are all Goldies.

I knew that I would have to vacuum a little more often. I knew I would have to sweep the floor a little more often. I knew that both of these would probably give enough fur to build another goldie – are at the very least stuff a mattress.

I knew there would fur on my clothes, on my furniture – and I’ll admit it – even on my bed. I knew there would be paw marks on my floors, my doors, my coat – and yes, again – on my bed.

I also knew there was a good chance that, as a puppy, she would destroy something and I could only hope it wasn’t something I treasured or something I valued – or worse yet, something that would give her indigestion and me a large vet bill.

But who knew that she would also blow up my furnace – and of course on the coldest night of the year so far? Who knew that all that puppy fur would seep its way into my furnace filter and cause the furnace to shut down? Who knew that a hubby who ignored my request to change the filter at least three times over the last six months would finally pull the filter and find at least enough fur for not one but possibly two full-size dogs?!? Who knew that the repairman would laugh and remind me that puppy hair is not good for the filter, that the filter has to be changed every month or the furnace will stop working? Who knew?

Well — apparently EVERYONE knew except us!

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  1. I have two cats and a dog, so I feel your pain. I cover all my furniture and put cat beds on top of that. Sometimes I wonder how much fur I’ve swallowed. I saw a book that told how to spin pet hair into yarn and knit it into items. I think I’ll pass, though. LOL

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