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I have found myself with a dilemma. Well, actually not as much of a dilemma as a very, VERY full email box all day, every day – in fact, every hour! It’s not like I don’t know it is going to happen and I know that I am the culprit behind the every growing number of unread and never-read emails that I have – but it has become quite out of control. In fact, it is so bad that of the 100 emails I receive hourly, I usually delete 98 of them! Think of this in terms of printed junk mail – that means my mail box is full of all kinds of flyers and advertisements – and since the mail is only delivered once a day – that means I would receive approximately 2400 of them every day! If I were a celebrity or a politician – or even someone who had lots of new-found friends and family because they had won the lottery – I would understand this – but I am not!

In fact, it is worse than that – I have caused this to happen to me because I like to enter sweepstakes and look for information on-line. I request things be sent to be on-line. I get things from Amazon and other places. I have magazine subscriptions (yes – real paper magazines). And all of these things enable them to get my email information, freely given and with full understanding of what is going to happen. All of these entities and their marketing partners now have permission to email me – my permission to email me – by the very fact that I have signed up. I know this – it is not a surprise – and it usually isn’t even a pain. It doesn’t become a pain until there are so many that it is overwhelming.

So how do I solve this problem? Stop entering sweepstakes? Never going to happen — I keep hoping to win that dream house, dream vacation or dream car. Stop buying on-line? Still not going to happen – there are some very cool things out there that I think I need. Stop getting magazine subscriptions? Really? I still like having something printed on paper in my hands occasionally.

No – the only real solution is to actually take time to unsubscribe if I’m not interested. I have to take the time to un-do what I did. I have to click some buttons – not even as many as it took to enter the sweepstakes that put on the list – and actually tell these company’s computers that I don’t want their emails. It’s not going to hurt their feelings, it’s not going to hurt their profit margin and it definitely won’t hurt their marketing campaign.

So starting today, I’m going to unsubscribe to as many emails as I can – maybe even 100 a day! And I’ll do this knowing full-well that following this little exercise, I am going to enter a sweepstakes or order something on line, which will put me right back on some of those email lists. It’s a little like exercising for one hour a day and then stopping at McDonald’s on the way home for a Quarter Pounder and some fries – and maybe a milkshake!

I can live with that – maybe the I’ll come out even at the end of the day – which is still better than not exercising at all and having two Quarter Pounds and an extra large order of fries – at least I’m trying!

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  1. Yeah, I thought it would stop after the election, but it is still coming. Legit places let you unsubscribe. You might be able to block some of them, but it is a lot of trouble. I usually just go down the row when I open my email and delete all the stuff I don’t want. Some places I wouldn’t mind hearing from, but not every single day.

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