Milkshakes – the Quest



Lately Paddy and I have been on a quest to find the best milkshake in our area. It is a craving we can’t describe – but in the depth of winter, we love to have ice cream – and right now, we are sampling milkshakes in lots of different places. Usually it is a chocolate shake – but occasionally we throw in a strawberry one. Pat had a vanilla milkshake once but decided that was a waste of time since it was so ‘blah’ – that is his technical term. We have tested small local shops as well as chains – and not just the same franchise of a chain – but different locations because strange as it may sound – they all make them differently!

Of course, throughout this quest we have to try to not get so big we can’t get in the car to go on our quest – or worse yet, have to go naked to the place because none of our clothes fit! This means we don’t sample every night of the week just maybe once a week and then it is after eating light meals during the day. I’m sure the doctors/dieticians would say this is awful – but they haven’t tasted some of the delicious shakes we have – so they are definitely missing out.

So far we have found that we have definite favorites – and we have to have back-ups because some of places are closed during the winter – heathens! So far, we have determined that our favorites are ranked as follows:

  1. The Sweet Shoppe in Fremont, Nebraska. The Fremont Shake. This is still our favorite. It will take a lot to drop this off the top of the list. This is a milkshake of any flavor with a sundae of any flavor dropped into it. It is topped off with whipped cream and a wafer cookie. Unfortunately, this wonderful concoction is only available in the summer – so we have to have a back-up.
  2. The Dairy Chef in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Their milkshake is think and very flavorful. We love that you almost pass out trying to suck this wonderful ice cream treat through the straw! Again — as luck would have it, they are only open in the summer! Damn! We have to move on to our next choice.
  3. McDonald’s. This is the exception in that every franchise we have been to has a great chocolate shake! Just thick enough so your eyes start to pop out as you suck it through the straw – but lots of flavor to keep you happy!
  4. Goodrich Ice Cream, usually found in a Subway – this one is in Louisville, Nebraska. This is hard-pack ice cream and has a wonderful flavor – just enough of the ice crystals in the milkshake to give it a little extra tingle when you suck it through the straw.
  5. Dairy Queen in Ashland, Nebraska. We’ve tried the other Daily Queens – but this one does the best job. Nice and thick and consistently yummy!

One place that was #2 on our list has gone the way of so many restaurants over the past year – Petrow’s here in Omaha, Nebraska. They made their own ice cream and their shakes were delicious – even their vanilla ones! We used to take my mother-in-law and her best friend to breakfast every Saturday at Petrow’s and their treat was to order a chocolate, strawberry and vanilla milkshake – which they brought out in their frosty glasses, along with the extra shake in the tin. It was definitely heaven!

Now – these are only the places we have in the area – and we are always looking for new places to try – so if you have a favorite place you love to go – we would love to hear about it! We plan on visiting lots of places when we retire – and milkshakes will definitely be part of our adventure!

Let the Quest Continue!!

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  1. Um, sounds like all these places are in Nebraska. Guess I’m out of luck. We do have Dairy Queen and McDonalds, but I’m not crazy about either. I immediately thought of Shake and Steak as that is sort of their specialty. Do you have those? I guess I would vote for Sonic.

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