Morning Chats



Over the years, the morning chats with my sweet hubby have changed – not in a bad way – they have just changed.

When first married, our morning chats consisted of that “mushy stuff” as my children and grandchildren call it – I love you.  Did you sleep well?  You look beautiful/handsome this morning.  I can’t wait to see you tonight.  I’ll miss you today.  Love you.

After the children arrived, our morning chats weren’t nearly as “mushy” – where are Jenny’s shoes?  What do you mean Bob didn’t get his homework done?  Who needs to be where tonight?  We’re out of milk?  I don’t know what I’m making for dinner. Got to go to work – love you – bye.

When the children started being more self-sufficient and some of them even moving out, our morning chats actually became shorter – We need to go to the grocery store.  We’re out of milk and/or soda.  Who will be home tonight?  What’s for dinner?  Bye – love you.

After all of the children moved out and started their own families, our morning chats started to reflect our age – Did you sleep okay?  How are feeling this morning?  How is your hip/shoulder/pick a body part?  Did you take your pills?  What’s for dinner? Don’t forget your cellphone/keys/ID/wallet/whatever?  See you, love you.

These days, our morning chats have taken a little different twist because we have a new member of the family – Mazie, our Golden Retriever puppy.  My sweet hubby now starts his day by chatting with Mazie – Hi, pretty girl! How are you this morning?  You look so happy?  Do you want some breakfast?  Let’s go outside and play for a while?  I’m happy to see you too!  At this point, I usually am done getting ready for work and my morning chat consists of – I’m going to work.  Love you, see you later.  To which I reply – How’s your hip?  Did you take your pills?  Do you have your cellphone/keys/ID/wallet/whatever?  What do you want for dinner?  Love you too.

I think I need to start my day talking to Mazie too!

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