March – Lion or Lamb


So far, March has come in like a lamb with anger management issues.  The first couple of weeks were glorious – lovely weather, snow going away – and my tulips thought heaven had arrived.  Then something happened to piss that lambkin off and she showed her other face this past week – LOTS OF RAIN, SNOW AND WIND!!

I don’t know what happened or WHO did it – but that sweet lamb who started the month has pretty much disappeared.  Maybe it was that darn Daylight Savings Time kicking her in the butt.  I hear she might calm down this weekend – but no guarantees she will stay that way the rest of the month – and apparently, she may still have some temper-tantrums coming our way.

I know the saying is that March comes in like lion and then out like a lamb – or vice versa – but this is ridiculous!  It’s like Freddy Krueger has taken over Mother Nature and chained her in a basement while he goes on a rampage!

I’m really hoping that a band of Leprechauns get together tomorrow and lock this maniacal lamb in a cave until the end of the month – or maybe sprinkle her with rainbow dust – or better yet – find that last unicorn to teach her some proper manners!

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