Some Days…


Some Days I push the start button on the dryer over and over again just so I won’t have to take the clothes out of the dryer, replace them with the ones in the washer or God forbid – fold them!

Some Days I just keep the curtains closed in my bedroom so the room stays dark and I don’t have to see (acknowledge) that I didn’t make the bed.  This also allows me to believe that no one else can see it either.

Some Days I wipe my hands across the front of the furniture to wipe off ‘some’ dust and tell myself that the rest is behind everything and no one will notice.

Some Days I spend at least 10 minutes pushing down the kitchen trash just so I don’t have to take it out to the trash bin OR put in a new bag.

Some Days I spend my entire day finishing a book or a jigsaw puzzle or listening to my granddaughter’s stories or going fishing with my hubby.

Some Days I sit on my back porch and listen to the birds while drinking my Diet Coke and just enjoy the sunshine.

Some Days I don’t turn on the TV or radio all day – and I definitely don’t listen to the news!

Some Days I get everything done my on ‘to-do’ list – but only if it is a REALLY short list!

Some Days I don’t get everything done my ‘to-do’ list – even if it is a REALLY short list! Life is a balance – Some Days I get it right – and Some Days I don’t – but the one consistent thing on my Some Days is that I remember the joy and love in my life – and that is EVERY DAY not just Some Days.

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