As I prepare to go back to work after being off for these four weeks (and that means you won’t have to hear any more about – ‘since I’m stuck at home recovering’), I’m beginning to realize that I’m going to have to change more than just my habits of not setting my alarm, of wearing my Disney/Mickey Mouse leggings and reading an entire book (for fun) all day. I’m going to have to stop taking my midafternoon NAP! This is going to be really hard!

I have learned to enjoy and look forward to that short nap – usually 45 minutes. Waking up refreshed and ready to do more exercises for my hip or even to attempt some housework. I keep thinking – how will I be able to fit this into my regular workday without getting fired? Or how much caffeine am I going to have to drink when that urge hits me? Or how many times can I get up from my desk and walk up and down the hallway without irritating everyone else on the floor. This is going to be a tough one. I don’t want to end up with a bruise in the middle of forehead from hitting it on the keyboard as I fall asleep – and I don’t want to have ‘a talk’ with my boss about my performance or lack thereof!

The only think I can think of to get me past this, is I will have to use that time to take a walk outside for my break – no matter what the weather is like. And actually, if it is cold, it should be like throwing cold water on my face to keep me awake. When it’s nice, it will be like having extra oxygen pumped into my lungs. Well – at least that is the plan.

My only other option is to pretend I’m going to the bathroom for 45 minutes and fall asleep on the toilet – which can have its own complications – so I think I’ll stick with the walking plan.

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