My beautiful babies

My four beautiful babies

I’ve always wanted to write a syndicated column — much like Erma Bombeck — but this is probably the closest I will come.  This is a way to share my stories about growing up in Gunnison, Colorado and my life with my wonderful family in Omaha, Nebraska — and all of the craziness in between!

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    • We LOVE the Old Market – -spend almost every weekend down there! Lots of new restaurants and places opening. Our favorite spots — Trini’s (in the passageway), Wheatfields, Vincenzo’s, Michael’s, Rojas and lots of others. There is a new ball stadium downtown now (are tearing down Rosenblatt) – as well as some new music venues (The Slowdown). Make sure to visit soon!

  3. Katie i am also from Gunnison Colorado. If you went to high school there when the bus wreck happen then you went to school with my brother Craig Weifenbach. I am Laura (Weifenbach) Harrison class of 1983.

    • Laura

      I think Craig graduated a couple of years ahead of me – but I do remember him. You probably know one of my younger sisters – maybe Mary Beth?

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