For those who want to see the building of our house from the very start (and I might be doing this page just for me!) – I’ve decided to put them on this page for easy reference.

And So It Begins

My Head Is Going To Explode

Our New Home – the Lot

Our New Home – We Have a Hole


There is Something in the Hole!

A giant springform pan

Our New Home – The Foundation

The Marvel of Indoor Plumbing

We Have Lumber

No Jimmy Hoffa Here

Walls & Trash

Oh no, don’t let the rain come down…

I want my couch here and my chair here

Just Hanging Out

Were You Born in a Barn?

We Have Shingles

Holes, Pipes & Ductwork

Furnace, Tub & Washing Machine


But what if I want to change the color?

It’s starting to look like a REAL house!

Slowly, Slowly

Pillar Plans


The Joys of Linoleum

The Countdown Begins

Oh Look – It’s A Tree!

Toilets, Carpet & Flowers


An evening of grass and wildlife


Not Long Now

It’s Like Christmas Eve!

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