Crockpots and Crackpots


crockpotTis the season for hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, Christmas cookies – and yes – favorite crockpot recipes! Recipes show up in our email boxes, our mailboxes, our magazines – and now even Omaha Steaks has an offer where you can buy crockpot dinners and all the fixins’ come to your door!  I’m sure some of these communications – oh, let’s face it – MOST of these recipes are share with us around this time of year to help us decide that what everyone needs for Christmas is a brand-new programmable crockpot!  I’m okay with that – because I happen to think that it is one of those household appliances that come in quite handy.

I have my favorite recipes I make it – soup, chicken, roast – and then I find new ones to try out. They don’t always work out (much like those Pinterest fails you see on-line) – but some of them are added to my cookbook for future use.  I also experiment on my own with spices, wines and other additives.  However, I don’t go crazy because I’m not nearly that adventuresome – otherwise, I would be searching for Shang-ri-la in the Himalayans!

On the other hand – we have my hubby – who is only adventuresome when it comes to his cooking. Adventuresome is the only word I can think of to describe his concoctions without using the terms ‘yuck’, ‘gross’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘what the hell is that’.  Add him to a crockpot and it becomes a game of ‘guess what I put in the pot tonight’ or ‘can you name that leftover’.  He usually combines everything he finds in the refrigerator, freezer and pantry which can fit into the crockpot and then turns it on.  He is never disappointed in what comes out of the crockpot – but one has to remember that he pours copious amounts of catsup over everything he eats – so for him, everything tastes good because it tastes like catsup!  For him, whatever is in the crockpot is merely a vehicle to get the catsup to his mouth – without him having to suck it out of the bottle!

He has now escalated his crackpot crockpot ideas by insisting we buy the ‘three-pack’ crockpots – you know what I’m talking about – the small crockpots which are actually meant to be more about warming small things like appetizers and dips – and less about cooking. However – my favorite crackpot has decided this is the PERFECT opportunity to try three gourmet experiments at once!  Of course, for him – they will all taste the same – just like catsup.  For me?  Well let’s put it this way – I’ve named each pot after the delicacy he strives to make – Yuck, Gross and What the Hell!