Bob – The Turtle



Liam wanted his very own pet.  Although he has two dogs (Gatsby and Luna), they are ‘shared’ with the rest of the family – including Grandpa.  No – Liam wanted a pet which was entirely his.  He wanted to name his pet, care for his pet and talk to his pet – without having to share this relationship with anyone.

So – imagine Liam’s excitement when his mom was offered the chance to have a turtle!  A turtle could even live in his room with him!  He could watch him in his aquarium, feed him, care for him and a turtle would be there whenever he needed a confident.  Liam’s dream had come true!

Liam decided to name his turtle Bob.  When asked why “Bob”, Liam indicated that he was named after his Uncle Bob who he misses because Uncle Bob now lives in New York City.  We thought maybe he named after Uncle Bob because turtles don’t move very fast – and neither does his Uncle Bob.

So, Bob moved into Liam’s room.  The fish tank which had housed Moby the goldfish which would never die (but finally did), became Bob’s new domain.  Rocks were put into the tank with great care and a warming light was installed so Bob wouldn’t get cold.  Food was purchased for Bob – which turtle food is much cheaper than actually feeding Uncle Bob – and did not include Cheetos or Hot Pockets.

The first few nights, Liam would gaze lovingly at Bob as he fell asleep.  Jenny, Liam’s mom could hear Liam telling Bob about his day, telling him jokes (because Uncle Bob is a comedian, he would enjoy those jokes) and even asking Bob about his day.  Bob never answers – but Liam knows that he listens and he cares – so he doesn’t need an answer from Bob, because he knows that Bob understands.

Bob’s happy with Liam and Liam with him.    Liam still loves his dogs very much – but Bob is his and his alone – and they have a special bond that only a boy can share with a turtle named Bob.