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Mother Nature – What the Heck is wrong with You??


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March in Nebraska is a schizophrenic nightmare — we started out the morning with predictions of 4-8 inches – and in some parts of Nebraska they were predicting 20 inches!  Actually, I had expected to see a couple of inches on the ground when I left for work this morning — but instead heard the robins singing and the roads were dry.

By noon, the predictions had changed that we would only get 2-4 inches and it would start on the commute home.  Having learned to drive in the mountains of Colorado in the snow — the snow doesn’t scare me — it’s all of the people in Omaha who get amnesia every time the snow starts falling and they forget how to drive in the white stuff!  It’s like the scene from The Wizard of Oz where the snow comes down on the poppy field and puts Dorothy and all her friends — except the Scarecrow to sleep.  Well, sometimes I feel like the other people on the road are just like the Scarecrow — “If they only had a brain” and remembered that it snows ALL THE TIME in Omaha!

Anyway — commute time came along and it was only lightly raining.  The prediction had now changed to 1-2 inches coming later tonight – and that’s only if the temperature changed at just the right time!  It is now almost time to go to bed and still no snow.

Don’t get me wrong — I really don’t want any more snow — I’m ready for spring to be sprung!  I would just like to know what to wear to work in the morning – rain gear or snow boots!  I also know that by the very act of writing this post I will have angered Mother Nature – and she will dump 25 inches of snow on the area –  by tomorrow morning!  If that happened, at least the weatherman would be vindicated.   I know of no other job where a person can be wrong close to 50% of the time and still keep a job – much less be on TV all of the time! 

I think I will just have to resort to the type of weatherman my boys portrayed in a Cub Scout play so many years ago — all a good meteorologist needs is a nice big rock.  The weatherman leaves the rock on the driveway and he can always get the weather right by consulting the rock — if the rock is wet, it is raining – if the rock has snow on it, it’s been snowing – if the rock is cold, it’s a little chilly outside and if the rock is warm, it is hot outside.  And if the weatherman can’t see the rock?  Well, then it is either night or foggy!  I think this method works just as well as listening the radio or TV weather forecasts.

So, if I get up in the morning and I can see my rock – it means it is daytime and there is no snow – and Mother Nature has decided to sleep off whatever mood she was in today – at least until noon, when the all bets are off and the weather predictions will change again based on her latest mood!