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Damn those Romulans!


Warning:  Trekkies are probably the only ones who will understand this one.

Apparently, some Romulan has secretly rigged my car with a cloaking device and are operating it remotely because it keeps switching off and on without my knowledge – or even forewarning!

Three times in the last four days, I have been driving along in my lane, blissfully following the speed limit, using my blinkers when necessary and watching the traffic – when all of the sudden a car decides that they want to be where I am!  I have to use evasive maneuvers to get out of their way before they put a dent in my starship – or worse yet, push me into the Neutral Zone where I could be taken out by another entity! 

The ONLY explanation for this phenomenon is that a Romulan cloaking device has been installed in my car without my knowledge and some Romulan is having great fun turning it on at very inopportune times – just to hear me gasp and scream obscenities!

Of course, there is ANOTHER explanation possible – it could be that the car which is trying to take me out is being driven by a Klingon with a back seat full of Tribbles – and he would rather die in fiery car crash than have all of those Tribbles near him!