Our First Storm

A beautiful illumination of a Cumulonimbus clo...

There is a storm brewing!

Last night be had our first storm in our new house – and it was a doozy!  60 mile an hour winds, rain beating on the house, furniture being thrown around, thunder, lightning – it was wonderful!

I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy the sound the rain pelting the house and the feel of the thunder reverberating through the ground – sounds you don’t hear in an apartment.

The storm was absolutely fantastic – but I also had the added pleasure of watching my husband to out in the storm in his whitey-tighties (what my children always called briefs) to rescue the deck furniture.  I use the term ‘furniture’ very loosely since we are actually talking about a folding table and folding chairs which we are using until we find some new patio furniture.  Pat felt that it was better to go outside half-naked and get the table and chairs than to have it hitting the side of the house and possibly ruining the siding.  Lucky for Pat it was very early in the morning and I don’t think any of our neighbors were up – although Pat did turn on the porch light, just in case they wanted to get a really good view!

I think this is probably just the first of many stories our neighbors will be telling about us!


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